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Sanitizer ASP-1®
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The ASP-1 Sanitizer Series is the only multi-purpose water treatment system that effectively removes hardness, iron and manganese; raises pH; and disinfects itself automatically during regeneration.

• A single advanced water treatment system especially designed for well water with low pH.

• Four units in one: removing hardness, iron, manganese and raising your water pH. No other equipment add-ons to buy. Single system design maximizes water pressure throughout your home.
• Cleans and sanitizes itself automatically using Water-Right's chlorine generator. No chemicals, additives or special handling required.
• Odors and problems caused by iron and sulfur bacteria are virtually eliminated.
• Advanced, solid-state "system analyzer" (patent pending) monitors and communicates operating model — even alerts you to low salt conditions.
• Three models to choose from to best meet your family's needs.
Sanitizer Series - ASP-1

With this single system, you can effectively:

• remove hardness
• remove iron
• remove manganese
• remove slight sulfur odors
• raise low pH levels
Plus, kills iron and sulfur bacteria with every regeneration.

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