A Naturally Engineered Purifying Crystal

One very unique and innovative substances on our planet is the custom-engineered Crystal-Right media. These man-made zeolite crystals are designed to address multiple issues at once. This means systems using the Crystal-Right media can do the job of multiple pieces of equipment, functioning like an iron filter, a water softener, and an acid neutralizer.

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A person's hands holding Crystal-Right media in front of a Waterfall in the background

Zeolite History

For many years, naturally occuring zeolites have been used in the water treatment process, but are known for being dirty and inefficient. Thanks to science and innovation, zeolites are manufacured to be clean and efficient in a controlled environment that offers ideal conditions. Today Mineral-Right is the only manufacturer of the synthetic zeolite, Crystal-Right media, which is produced under the sunny skies of Phillipsburg, Kansas.

Crystal-Right for Well Water

Crystal-Right can be the ideal media for well water because it can address multiple problems at once:

  • Removes manganese and iron
  • Softens water
  • Balances pH levels
  • Reduces ammonia