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Aqua Solutions Plus Inc. is dedicated to bringing top-quality water treatment solutions, along with a reliable and informative service. Since 1995, we have been providing products and solutions manufactured by expert engineers in the water treatment industry. We offer drinking water filtration systems, whole-house water treatment, water softening & conditioning, U-V technology, bottleless water coolers, and more. Our company provides the installations, lifetime maintainanace, and media delivery for all water treatment products that are purchased by our customers. We provide free on-site water analysis as well as collect and deliver any water samples that require testing from a state certified lab.

Th Aqua Solutions Plus Inc team knows the importance of sharing any information on water quality and water treatment that can help someone. We are always happy to provide free consultation from a water treatment specialist.

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Our Mission

Our Vision

James K. Lange (Owner)

In 1995 James K. Lange began a venture in the drinking water filtration business, focusing on the contaminants in water of health concern, especially cancer causing substances. Just shortly after starting this business Mr. Lange understood the increasing need for help in solving the various other water quality issues that can cause damamge to plumbing, appliances, and other equipment in homes and businessees. In order to best serve the proper water treatment to northeast Pennsylvania, expansion of the company was required. With the help business associates, Aqua Solutions Plus Inc. began a relationship with other water treatment professionals as well as other concerned people in the area who wanted to help. Much of our business was coming from word of mouth and serving top-quality products and service.


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